All of a sudden, I realized that 19 is such a sad number. It is an embodiment of our hope that this deadly pandemic will be confined to that year represented by the numeric symbol. Instead, we are here in year 2022 still overwhelmed by tremendous uncertainty that the pandemic put on us. 

Many people suspect that the deadly viruses that we are not immune to came among us because of reckless development of land too close to ecological sanctuary that humans are not supposed to reach. 

Instead, we greedily kept developed, expanded our occupation in violation of long standing implicit agreement with other animal species. Those animals suffer due to lack of habitat, and we also suffer because it disposed viruses that we are not ready to be close to. 

This is a solemn warning that we all should think more holistically as a temporary beholder of this land whose mission is to fully enjoy and carefully hand down to our descendants in its original or better form. 

Benjamin, February 2022 

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