Celebrating Biodiversity

Celebrating Biodiversity

If you take a look around you, you'll notice that everyone has a unique set of features and characteristics. Some may have curly hair, others blue eyes, everyone has a vibrant array of features. Such diversity can be found in everyone all around us and is the result of our genes. Genes are there in every single one of our cells and act as little instruction manual that tells our body how to look, function, and even behave. They are inherited from our parents, so you might have your mom's freckles or your dad's dimples. The differences in genes between individuals that result in all these colorful traits is genetic diversity.

Genetic diversity is the reason for our world being so vibrant and interesting. It's why no two people are exactly alike, even between our siblings. Each time a person is born, they inherit a unique combination of genes from their parents and a fresh mix of genetic material creates new possibilities for traits and characteristics.
But genetic diversity isn’t just about appearance; it’s also crucial for the health and resilience of populations. It means that within any group of people, there's a wide range of abilities and strengths. For example, some people might have genes that make them naturally better at processing certain foods, while others might have genes that give them an edge in physical endurance.

This variety is important because it helps populations adapt to changing environments. If a disease spreads through a community, genetic diversity means that some people might have natural resistance to it, helping the community survive and thrive. In the long run, this genetic variation is a key factor in evolution, driving the development of new traits and abilities over generations.
So, next time you notice someone’s unique trait, remember that it’s all thanks to the wonderful world of genetics, working hard to create the beautiful mosaic of human diversity we appreciate in our modern world. 

Daniel Kim (June 2024) 

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