Covid Pet

Covid Pet

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has affected all of us in many, many ways. For many, this meant spending time locked up indoors with a furry friend, but unfortunately for others, it meant the harsh decision to give up their new pets.
With the pandemic, many people found financial struggles and increased stress that made them unable to provide for their animal friends. Many people who adopted or bought an animal during the pandemic need help to keep up with the time cost. With people now returning to workplaces and having less time at home, time is a big issue for many folks.

Before taking in a pet, we must understand the responsibilities. While your pet may become a big part of your life, it will never become your entire life as you do for them. Pets are living beings that depend on us for their well-being, and their surrender may have long-lasting effects on their mental and emotional health.
If you are considering giving up a pet yourself, take time to explore all of your options. Many animal welfare organizations offer assistance with medical care, food, and more, along with other resources to find pet-friendly housing for them to go. By putting a little more effort into our pets, we can ensure that everyone has a loving home during and after the pandemic.

Daniel Kim (February, 2023) 

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