On the Wednesday of this week, the representatives of 175 different nations came together to begin writing the most impactful agreement for the environment since the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This agreement is called the Global Plastics agreement where the nations agree to cut down their production of plastic by a big deal. They say the agreement will be broad, but legally binding. What does the agreement bind nations to? The first round of negotiations are set to happen this year with the goal of sealing a deal by 2024.

This agreement is held in high regard because of the severe consequences that plastic has on the environment. Not only does it take many years to decompose, it also releases toxins into the ground when it comes into contact with the sun. Burning the plastic is off the table as well as doing so causes toxins to be released into the atmosphere, adding to air pollution.

In light of Russia's war on Ukraine, it is especially reassuring to see that, “this divided world can still agree on something, based on science.” in the words of Espen Barth Eide, president of the United Nations Environment Assembly.


Daniel, March 2022 

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