During the spring break of 2012, we went to San Diego Zoo with our parents. To our surprise, we learned that there are only three living Northern White Rhino on earth and they are about to go extinct as they are too old to reproduce. In addition to that, we learned that many other animals are also at the verge of extinction and it was because people are using natural resources recklessly and polluting our precious nature. We started thinking about how we can increase the awareness of this issue and what we can do to contribute to the cause. One thing we though of was to publish books on endangered species. 

We love turtles and sadly a lot of turtles are at risk of going extinct. So the first book we made was "A Story of a 200 year old Turtle." The next book we made was "A whale who refused to poo," where we talked about the eco system around a whale and its poo in the ocean. The third book was Wind Amazed. For that book, we worked with two other friends in addition to us two. We made birds using recycled plastic bottles. The fourth book, Amur Leopard and Hook was a book that we wrote when we were inspired by the situation in North Korea and how it is threatening the world peace. Amur Leopards live in a very limited area in Korea Peninsula which is tragically divided by DMZ between North and South Korea. A letter from Sumatra is a book about Sumatra Rhinos which is struggling to survive due to reckless hunting of human in search for their beautiful horns. 

I hope these books will help the readers understand our neighbors and co-hibitants of the earth, animals, are suffering and at risk, and collect our wisdom to help them to thrive. 

Daniel & Benjamin, January 2022

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