San Francisco, CA – This World Ocean Day, journey through the ocean with Baby Whale in this fundamental children’s book about a young whale who is too shy to poop and its importance to the ecosystem in Daniel and Benjamin Kim’s spirited story and US debut, The Whale Who Refused to Poo (Common Planet, June 8, 2023).

Having started before the age of ten, two brothers, Daniel and Benjamin wrote six children’s books all ranging in different endangered animals. After much success in Korean and their book, A Letter from Sumatra, adapted for the screen, the young teen activists share their delightful stories to the US audience. The Whale Who Refused to Poo is the first book to be released and all proceeds benefit the protection of endangered animals.

Baby Whale feels shy about pooping in the ocean. Surrounded by other fish and plankton, he never learned why he had to poop in front of everyone. He journeys to the bottom of the ocean for some privacy and meets a scholarly octopus who explains to him how important it is to poop; that it helps share important nutrients to the fish and plankton around him. With this new knowledge, Baby Whale is ready to go back to the surface and poop again. 

With deeper themes and lessons of the interconnection between all creatures featuring beautifully drawn imagesThe Whale Who Refused to Poo is the perfect book to help children understand the importance of protecting animals in their ecosystem and teaching them that some things are necessary for survival.  

“The Whale Who Refused to Poo”

Daniel and Benjamin Kim 

June 8, 2023 | Children’s book

Paperback | 978-1-960920-00-3 | $14.99

Ebook | 978-1-960920-01-0 | $9.99


MARISSA DECUIR, April 2023) 

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