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Amur Leopard and Hook

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While we were preparing to publish this book, we heard a great news. The number of Amur Leopard had increased by more than one hundred! Amur Leopards only live in Eastern Russia and Korean Peninsula, and its number decreased to as small as 30 in 2000 due to development and hunting who sell its beautiful skin. It is a great news that the number is increasing again. There are still a large number of conflicts in many parts of the world. There are a lot of reasons why people are not agreeing with each other. It could be because of religion, interest or other beliefs. However, no cause can be more important than lives. We hope the world will become a more mature place where people can talk with each other to understand differences and to find ways to live together rather than sacrificing precious lives. Story and Art by Daniel Kim and Benjamin Kim (2021, 48p)

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